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Fruit Box (2)

Fruit Boxes Products

  • EPS Fruit Box with cover for 7 Kg, size: 39 cm x 31 cm x 16.8 cm

Fruit Box (20)7kgFruit Box 7kg




  • EPS Fruit Box without cover for 15 Kg, size: 53.8 cm x 37 cm x 21.5 cm   


Fruit Box (17)

Fruit Box 15kg





  • EPS Fruit Box with cover for 10 Kg, size: 53.8 cm x 38.8 cm x 20.8 cm
  • EPS Fruit Box with cover for 25 Kg, size: 60.6 cm x 41.8 cm x 26.3 cm 


10,kg10kgFruit Box (16)


Fruit Boxes Advantages

  • Easy Transportation: Transportation of fruit and vegetable is still a major problem in Afghanistan and the mentioned items can’t be transported from place to place properly. It not only affects interior business of fruit and vegetable, but also their export abroad. One of the reasons is improper packing; especially, using wooden boxes which have unfavorable tough and heavy structures that damage the goods that are transported through unpaved routes by them.To solve the problem polystyrene boxes could be sued instead of wooden and plastic boxes and cartons.
  • Protection against Hot and Cold Weather: These boxes due to their structures that are made of expanded polymers are appropriate options for protecting fruit and vegetable at the time of transportation and storage. Polystyrene boxes due to lower thermal conductivity than wooden and plastic boxes and cartons are the most incomparable options.
  • Protection against Physical Damages: Polystyrene boxes not only don’t damage fruit and vegetable, but also due to their softness and lightness protect them from pressing at the time of transportation and storing the boxes on each other and this characteristic prevents such goods from squeezing and wasting.
  • Exporting According to the World Standards: Presently exporting of fruit and vegetable must be according to world standards: Preservation of Quality with the Best Condition Protection against Infection Standard and Reliable Packing Polystyrene boxes are according to world norms. Using polystyrene boxes countries whichexport fruit and vegetable have achieved good marketing for their products. And China could be mentioned as an outstanding example.
  • Retaining Fruit and Vegetable Quality While Transporting: In case of long way transportation and other effective circumstances such as temperature that spoils fruit and vegetable, polystyrene boxes are the most reliable options. These boxes save inside materials against hot and cold weather, water at the time of raining and physical damages at the time of taking them from place to place. In case of elongation of time of transportation, changes don’t take place in quality of fruit and vegetable, comparing to other boxes and this characteristic on its own is valuable about saving such goods.             

Address :
Factory: Nasagi Bagrami, Kabul
Office: Taimani, Street 9 (Moi Mubarak), Kabul
Call: 020 250 2024, 078 854 3350 austrotherm@temoryan.com

Polystyrene Boards EPS

Polystyrene Insulation Boards EPS 100

High pressure resistant thermal insulation board made of expanded polystyrene foam.

Color: White
Surface: 0.5m x 1m, 1m x 1m, 1m x 2m
Thickness: 2cm to 30cm
Compressive stress (at 10% compression): 100kPa
Flameability: B1 (hard burning)

Apparent density EPS 100: 18 – 22 kg/m³
Thermal conductivity: λD = 0.038 W/(mK)

Application: Thermal insulation board for areas with high pressure loads (under floor, the flat roof, sloping roof, under floor heating, refrigerators).

Roof Floor
Advantages: Good thermal insulation properties, low water absorption and dimensional and shape stability.

EPS 100

Polystyrene Insulation Boards EPS 150

High pressure resistant thermal insulation board made of expanded polystyrene foam.

Color: White
Surface: 0.5m x 1m, 1m x 1m, 1m x 2m
Thickness: 2cm to 30cm Compressive stress (at 10% compression): 150kPa
Flameability: B1 (hard burning)

Apparent density EPS 150: 22 – 33 kg/m³
Thermal conductivity: λD = 0.034 W/(mK)

Application: Thermal insulation board for areas with high pressure loads (under floor, the flat roof, sloping roof, under floor heating, refrigerators).

 Roof Floor

Advantages: Good thermal insulation properties, low water absorption and dimensional and shape stability.


Polystyrene Insulation Boards XPS

Pressure-resistant thermal insulation board (XPS) made of extruded polystyrene foam with shiplap. The XPS insulation board provides energy savings, thermal insulation, from the basement to the roof.Just where extreme pressure and moisture stress, particularly high demands on the insulation materials, the extruded polystyrene (Short form XPS, named after extruded polystyrene foam) is the ideal solution for numerous applications. Such as perimeter and base insulation, flat roof insulation, insulation under the soil plate, in wet areas, etc. XPS AustrothermXPS ODE

Color: green ODE, pink Austrotherm
Thickness: 3cm, 5cm, 10cm Surface: 125cm x 50cm
Available surface: 0,75m²/board
Flameability: B1 (hard burning)
Compressive stress (at 10% compression): 300kPa

Apparent density XPS: 30 – 45 kg/m³
Thermal conductivity: λD = 0,033 – 0,037 W/(mK) 

Application: Basement wall outside, above and below ground-plate, for inverted roof, terrace- and parking-roof, in a humid area, Plus Duo-roof, Core insulation.

Floor Skirting board Basement floor Basement wall

Advantages: largely water resistant, best ecological property (cell content air), excellent thermal insulation, suitable for promoted residential building.


Elastic Joint S-T1

One-component sealing joint-cutting putty, based on water polymere dispersion. It hardens through water evaporation, makes permanently strong, plastic-elastic connection. It corresponds to the requirements of construction putties of type F, for class 12,5 E according ISO 11 600.

Color: White
Packaging: 12kg, 45kg
Base: acrylate emulsion
Consistency: thixotropic paste Density: 1.3 – 1.35 g/cmł
Thermal endurance:  -20 °C/ +100 °C (after hardening)
Thermal resistance: +5°C (during transport musn´t freeze)
Thermal range of application: +5°C / +30°C
Time of skinning: 15 min (at 20°C / 50% humidity)
Time of total hardening: 1-2 weeks

Application: For grouting of prefabricated buildings and claddings. Joint width min. 5 mm, max. 40 mm. External and internal sealing joints in wall and ceiling structures, sealing of connection joints between concrete and metal frames, stairs, masonry, etc.

Advantages: Freezeproof, resistant to moisture, water and weather, to recoat with acrylic and dispersion paints, high adhesion to a variety of building materials.




One-component continuous membrane in acqueous emulsion resistant to water stagnation. It is ideal to impermeabilize flat surfaces and roofing in general, eaves, gutters, chimney-pots, walls, facades, old bitumen coats, metal sheets, prefabricated parts.

Waterproofing of: roofing in general, old bitumen coats,foundation walls, earth retaining walls, eaves, gutters, concrete terraces, chimney- pots, roofs, walls, facades, roofing insulating systems made of polyurethane foams, flower pots and hanging gardens, concrete basins aimed at containing of non-corrosive and non-potable waters.

Baumit Baumacol Proof

Baumit Baumacol Proof

Waterproof, permanently elastic seal. Baumacol Proof is a single-component, ready to use sealing film. For indoor use. It can be applied with a roller or spread on directly under ceramic wall tiles in showers, etc.

Color: Yellow
Bucket = 7 kg,  85 buckets / palete = 595 kg
Consumption: app. 1.5 kg / m²  in one coat Layer thickness: 1-2 mm
The waiting time between coats: approx. 2 hrs.

Advantages: Solvent-free, waterproof, permanently elastic, seam and joint-free seal.


Baumacol Protect

Baumit Baumacol Protect

Sealing slurry for the creation of seam and jointfree seals. Hydraulically hardening, waterproof, yet water permeable flexible single-component sealing slurry for the creation of seam and joint-free seals. Sealing slurry for outdoor and indoor use.

Color: Grey
Bag = 18 kg, 48 bags/pallete = 864 kg
Consumption: 1.5 kg /m2 /1mm
Water consumption:
– for trowelling = 5.85 l/bag
– for coating = 6.75 l/bag

Thickness: 2 mm
Tiling: after 24 hrs
Workability: 60 minutes
Drying time: after the first application about 2 hrs

Application: Jointless insulation directly under the ceramic tiles on balconies, terraces, in swimming pools, bathrooms, etc.In addition to conventional substrates it is also suitable forsubstrates such as metal sheet, wood, particle board, or plastic.

Advantages: Waterproof, single-component, flexible.

Baumit Grund

Baumit Grund

High quality, solvent-free, synthetic resin dispersion-based primer as a means of absorption compensation and bonding agent. For absorbent substrates such as cement and calcium sulphate coatings, raw concrete ceilings etc. with very good penetration ability. Asa system component for Baumit liquid putties such as Baumit Baumacol Proof and Baumit Baumacol Protect.

Color: Blue
Canister = 5 kg,  1 pal = 96 pcs = 480 kg
Consumption: 0.15 kg/m2
Spreading capacity: 32 m2/5 kg
Maturing time on absorbent substrates: 15min

Advantages: For all substrates, good penetration ability, solvent-free.

Baumit Baumacol Flex Uni

Baumit Baumacol Flex Uni

Highly flexible, water and frost resistant, hydraulically setting, synthetic resin modified, thixotropic thin-bed adhesive mortar with an extended laying time. Approved for contact with foodstuffs. Compliant with the quality requirements of EN 12004:2002 – Class C2T.

Color: Grey
Bag = 25kg, 1 pallet = 60 bags = 1.500 kg
Consumption: app. 3kg/m² (depending on the tiles)
Toothed board: 3mm=1.5kg/m2, 6mm=2.5kg/m2, 10mm=3.5kg/m2
Water demand: app. 6 l/bag

Application: For laying of any kind of ceramic wall and floor tiles, mosaic, stoneware. For indoor and outdoor use.Suitable for application on deformable subsurface and for higher loads.

Advantages: Flexible, water and frost-resistant, thixotropic.

Baumit Baumacol Flex Top

Baumit Baumacol Flex Top

Highly flexible, food-safe, water- and frost resistant, synthetic-resinmodified, thixotropic, hydraulic-setting thin-bed adhering mortar with extended laying time. Flexible adhesive mortar for thin-bed laying. Suitable in cases of increased static and thermal load. Compliant with the quality requirements of DIN EN 12004 Class C2 TE with increasedstability and an extended laying time, as well as the requirements of DIN EN 12002 S1.

Color: Grey
Bag = 25kg, 1 pal = 60 bags = 1.500 kg
Consumption: app. 3kg/m² (depending on the tiles)
Toothed board: 3mm=1.5kg/m2, 6mm=2.5kg/m2, 10mm=3.5kg/m2
Water demand: app. 6 l/bag

Application: For laying of any kind of ceramic wall and floor tiles, mosaic, stoneware, glass-fibre boards, light construction boards and EPS boards. For indoor and outdoor use. Suitable for application on deformable subsurface and for higher loads. Suitable for swimming pools and water basins.

Advantages: Suitable for high static loads, suitable for high thermal loads, improved stability.

Baumit Baumacol Premium Fuge

Baumit Baumacol Premium Fuge

Elastic, water – repellent grout for indoor and outdoor areas. Baumacol Premium Fuge issuitable for sealing joint widths from 2mm to 7mm. Suitable for ceramic tiles, panels, mosaic and porcelain stoneware. It is also suitable for underfloor heating and for wet rooms, in walls and floors and for terraces and balconies. Baumacol Premium Fuge  guarantees a water and dirt – resistant joint.

Color: White
Bag = 20 kg, 1 pallet = 60 bags = 1.200 kg
Consumption: 22 – 40 m2/bag (according to the types of tiles)

GranoporTop 1.5K

Baumit GranoporTop 1.5K

Baumit GranoporTop K 1,5 mm is ready to use pasty organically bound thin-layer cover coat as floating and set with scraped or corrugated structure, white or pigmented, for outside and inside applications, can be processed manually and by machine.

Bucket 30 kg, 1 pal = 16 buckets = 480 kg
Bucket 25 kg, 1 pal = 16 buckets = 400 kg

app. 2.5 kg/m2
app. 12 m2/30 kg

Properties: Hydrophobic, weather – resistant, water vapour permeable, washable, outstanding colouring properties, high mechanical stress and load resistance, easy to work with.

Application: Protection and design of facades and internal wall surfaces on mineral plasters and stoppers, on concrete, for rework on organically bound stoppers and plasters, as final coat of the Baumit heat insulation composite system EPS, as well as on renovation plasters.

Advantages: Décor render finish for exterior use. Diffusible and very resistant to water. Washable thin-layer render with synthetic resin bonding agent. With its excellent resistance properties.


Baumit UniPrimer

Primer Ready to use, organic based primer for hand application. A system component fromthe Baumit External Wall Insulation System EPS-F.All-purpose primer to regulate suctionand improve adhesion for Baumit GranoporTop and MosaikTop.

Bucket = 25 kg, 1 pal = 16 buckets = 400 kg.
app. 0.20 – 0.25 kg/m2 on putties
app. 0.40 kg/m2 on plaster bases

Application: Universal priming coat for interiors and exteriors to prepare background surfaces before applying Baumit NanoporTop, Baumit SilikatTop, Baumit SilikonTop, Baumit GranoporTop, Baumit StyleTop, Baumit EdelPutz, and Baumit  MosaikTop.

Advantages: Improves adhesion and equalizes background suction. Helps to maintain colour uniformityof Baumit topcoats and improves the hydrophobic qualities of the background.

FiberGlass Mesh

Baumit FiberGlass Mesh – Star Tex

Alkaline resistant, glass fibre textile mesh for use with Baumit external wall insulation system EPS-F. Tested according ETAG 004.

Mesh size: approx. 4 x 4 mm
Surface/weight ratio: ≥ 145 g/m²

1 roll = 50 m2
1 pal = 30 roll = 1.500 m2

Properties: Optimised load failure and expansion.

Application: Provides reinforcement for Baumit contact mortars. Strengthens basecoats for Baumit External Wall Insulation systems, render carrier boards and general basecoat renders and plasters. 

Advantages: Grid provides it’s properties mainly carrying tensile stresses in the plaster, posed by sudden temperature changes climate effects. An important role in reinforcing layer has a Glass fiber mesh, which functions as a reinforcement all insulation systems.

Plug PTH

Baumit Plugs PTH

Baumit Plugs PTH is designed for mechanical fixing of facade insulation boards on the wall. Suitable for the base of concrete, solid brick, hollow brick, light weight concrete. The minimum embedment depth 3.5 cm. Lengths: 13.5, 15.5, 17.5 cm.

Application: Additional plugging of the Baumit EPS-F Facade -Insulation Board is not required for system surface weights of up to 30 kg/m2. On concrete and plastered base surfaces, at least 4 plugs/m2 are required across the surface, and at least 8 plugs/m2 around the edges.

Advantages: Is used for the transmission of wind sucking loads.

Austrotherm polystyrene EPS-F70

Polystyrene Insulation Boards EPS – F70

Thermal insulating boards made from blocks of expanded polystyrene beads. System component of the Baumit External Wall Insulation System EPS.

Color: White
Surface: 0.5m x 1m, 1m x 1m, 1m x 2m
Thickness: 2cm to 30cm
Flameability: B1 (hard burning)

Apparent density EPS-F70: 15 – 18 kg/m³
Thermal conductivity: λ = 0.040 W/(mK) = 0.29 [BTU in /ft2.hr.°F]

Properties: Highly thermally insulating, dimensionally exact, form retentive and resistant to ageing, non-shrinking, hardly flammable. Free of CFCs, HCFCs and HFCs.

Application: As an exterior wall heat insulation composite system for the facade of newand existing buildings.


Advantages: Good thermal insulation properties,low water absorption and dimensional andshape stability.

Picture StarContact White

Baumit StarContact White

Adhesive and reinforcement white mortar for bonding of Facade polystyrene plates EPS and XPS as well as the implementation of reinforcing layer with the insertion of Baumit FibreglassMesh. It is also suitable for trowelling plaster and concrete surfaces.

Bag = 25 kg 54 bags/pallet = 1.350 kg
Water demand app.: 6.5 l/bag
Consumption: app. 3.5 kg/m2 (bonding) app. 4.0 kg/m2 (filling)

Product: Factory prepared mineral based, dry powder contact mortar. Suitable for manual and machine application. A system component for the Baumit External Wall Insulation Systems EPS and XPS. Tested according to ETAG 004.

Properties: High bonding strength, water resistant and good workability.

Application: Multi-purpose contact mortar: As an adhesive for bonding Baumit facade and perimeter insulation boards. As a thin layer basecoat mortar (with reinforcing mesh) onto Baumit insulation boards and selected render carrier boards. Also suitable for preparing surfacesof coarse render basecoats to receive fine grained (<2mm) Baumit decorative topcoats and as a thin bonding coat (keyed) over concrete surfaces to receive further coatings.

Advantages: High quality glue, which forms the heart of the system and can handle more demanding applications. Particularly simple application system, safety, long life.