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Betek Primer

Acrylic copolymer emulsion-based interior primer.
– Forms a binding bridge between the paint and the surface
– Improves adherence
– Decreases paint consumption
– Ensures paint and time saving
– Has high hiding power

Betek Primer - using

Betek Interior Paste

Betek Interior Paste

Acrylic copolymer emulsion-based interior smoothing paste.
– Acts as a physically resistant filler in filling the gaps and in correcting existing mistakes
– Prevents shrinkage cracks to rise up to the top-coat thanks to its flexibility.
– Resistant to water and moisture
– Creates a very secure and even surface
– All types of paint can be applied provided
– Has low absorbency
– Has low paint consumption
– Does not prevent breathability of the surfaces
– Provides savings in both time and labor

Betek Interior Paste - using

Betek Super Plus picture

Betek Super Plus

Acrylic copolymer-based, matte-looking, emulsion-based, high-grade, decorative interior top-coat emulsion paint.
– First class quality
– Gives matte and smooth look
– Has a high grade water tolerant structure
– High hiding power
– Integrates with the surface of application
– Features a high level of breathability
– No blistering and flaking
– No disturbing odor due its water-based formula
– Environmental-friendly

Betek Super Plus - using