„Keeping Up With The World Standards“

 is our slogan and the main strategy of our company Temoryan-H, Ltd, founded in 2004 in Kabul, Afghanistan.

  • We are the exclusive importer of high quality construction materials and modern technologies from strong European manufacturers for Afghanistan. Above all we import products from Schmid Industries Holding, with businesses in 28 countries all over the world and more than 3500 employees in 60 companies (Baumit, Murexin, Austrotherm, etc.). Our other partners are Den Braven, Icobit and Betek.
  • The main production programs of the company Austrotherm are the production of thermal insulation boards EPS-F for thermal insulation system Baumit and thermal insulation boards EPS 100, EPS 150 for insulation roofs and floors of buildings. Since 2012 the company Austrotherm in Afghanistan has expanded its production to the polstyrene packing box for fruits and vegetables, which produces in four sizes 7kg, 10kg, 15kg, 25kg.
  • Temoryan takes into consideration environment protection and principles of sustainable development. From the beginning, the protection of environment and economic interests are strong pillars of Baumit and Austrotherm brands. Our effort is to offer products and solutions for our customers which contribute to environment protection. A very good example is insulation systems and their impact on reduction of energy consumption, reduction of CO2 emissions and limitation in consumption of nonrenewable energy sources.
  • Since 2013 our company has been involved in building of biological Sewage disposal plants according to the European model used for family houses, residential housing and bigger building complexes such as schools, hotels and administrative buildings. Sewage treatment is provided biologically using bacterias and oxygen. The Water treated this way can be reused for watering of gardens.
  • The goal is not only to sell construction materials but also to inform wide public about new technologies in construction industry and a possibility to use them directly in Afghanistan. We organize special seminars and presentations of technological processes and we also offer technical and advisory services for our customers in Dari and English languages. Baumit wall thermal-insulating system have been used in facilities in Qul Urdo blocks in Herat, Kundoz, Mazare Sharif, Qasba military complex in Kabul, military comlex in Khanadar and Helmand, Police training centre in Maidan Wardak, plastering of Police academy blocks in Herat, wall Heat Insulation system in Universities of Parwan, Fariab, Gozgan, Bamian. We also offer modern European technologies for gluing of facing and paving, insulating water-proof and humidity-proof paints, insulating paints for roofs and pools. Building of Biological sewage treatment has been realized in Kabul, Herat and Mazare Sharif. Today We have central office in Kabul and branch-office in Herat.
  • Our priority is quality of our products, protection of environment and satisfaction of our customers.