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BetekSilan Primer

BetekSilan Primer

A silicone emulsion-based exterior primer with pigments and high adherence power.
– Has high adherence power.
– Forms a binding bridge between the paint and the surface
– Decreases paint consumption
– Enables the moisture in the structure to be released thanks to its breathability
– Prevents the paint that will be applied to be absorbed differently by the surface
– Provides perfect harmony with the top coat silicone paints thanks to the silicone in its formula

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BetekSilan Color

Acrylic copolymer emulsion-based, silicone, matte-looking, exterior top-coat paint.
– Includes all the properties required on external surfaces
– Offers breathability and water repellency together by reflecting the advantages of the silicone in the optimum level
– Prevents the paint to peel and fall crack and blister
– Enables the surface to get wet less and dry fast thansk to the qualities of silicone
– High UV resistance thanks to the pigments in its formula with perfect coverage power
– Holds on to the application surface well thanks to its superior adherence power.
– Spreads easily over the surface. thus providing savings in both time and labor.

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GranoporTop 1.5K

Baumit GranoporTop 1.5K

Baumit GranoporTop K 1,5 mm is ready to use pasty organically bound thin-layer cover coat as floating and set with scraped or corrugated structure, white or pigmented, for outside and inside applications, can be processed manually and by machine.

Bucket 30 kg, 1 pal = 16 buckets = 480 kg
Bucket 25 kg, 1 pal = 16 buckets = 400 kg

app. 2.5 kg/m2
app. 12 m2/30 kg

Properties: Hydrophobic, weather – resistant, water vapour permeable, washable, outstanding colouring properties, high mechanical stress and load resistance, easy to work with.

Application: Protection and design of facades and internal wall surfaces on mineral plasters and stoppers, on concrete, for rework on organically bound stoppers and plasters, as final coat of the Baumit heat insulation composite system EPS, as well as on renovation plasters.

Advantages: Décor render finish for exterior use. Diffusible and very resistant to water. Washable thin-layer render with synthetic resin bonding agent. With its excellent resistance properties.


Baumit UniPrimer

Primer Ready to use, organic based primer for hand application. A system component fromthe Baumit External Wall Insulation System EPS-F.All-purpose primer to regulate suctionand improve adhesion for Baumit GranoporTop and MosaikTop.

Bucket = 25 kg, 1 pal = 16 buckets = 400 kg.
app. 0.20 – 0.25 kg/m2 on putties
app. 0.40 kg/m2 on plaster bases

Application: Universal priming coat for interiors and exteriors to prepare background surfaces before applying Baumit NanoporTop, Baumit SilikatTop, Baumit SilikonTop, Baumit GranoporTop, Baumit StyleTop, Baumit EdelPutz, and Baumit  MosaikTop.

Advantages: Improves adhesion and equalizes background suction. Helps to maintain colour uniformityof Baumit topcoats and improves the hydrophobic qualities of the background.