Baumit UniPrimer

Primer Ready to use, organic based primer for hand application. A system component fromthe Baumit External Wall Insulation System EPS-F.All-purpose primer to regulate suctionand improve adhesion for Baumit GranoporTop and MosaikTop.

Bucket = 25 kg, 1 pal = 16 buckets = 400 kg.
app. 0.20 – 0.25 kg/m2 on putties
app. 0.40 kg/m2 on plaster bases

Application: Universal priming coat for interiors and exteriors to prepare background surfaces before applying Baumit NanoporTop, Baumit SilikatTop, Baumit SilikonTop, Baumit GranoporTop, Baumit StyleTop, Baumit EdelPutz, and Baumit  MosaikTop.

Advantages: Improves adhesion and equalizes background suction. Helps to maintain colour uniformityof Baumit topcoats and improves the hydrophobic qualities of the background.