FiberGlass Mesh

Baumit FiberGlass Mesh – Star Tex

Alkaline resistant, glass fibre textile mesh for use with Baumit external wall insulation system EPS-F. Tested according ETAG 004.

Mesh size: approx. 4 x 4 mm
Surface/weight ratio: ≥ 145 g/m²

1 roll = 50 m2
1 pal = 30 roll = 1.500 m2

Properties: Optimised load failure and expansion.

Application: Provides reinforcement for Baumit contact mortars. Strengthens basecoats for Baumit External Wall Insulation systems, render carrier boards and general basecoat renders and plasters. 

Advantages: Grid provides it’s properties mainly carrying tensile stresses in the plaster, posed by sudden temperature changes climate effects. An important role in reinforcing layer has a Glass fiber mesh, which functions as a reinforcement all insulation systems.