Baumacol Protect

Baumit Baumacol Protect

Sealing slurry for the creation of seam and jointfree seals. Hydraulically hardening, waterproof, yet water permeable flexible single-component sealing slurry for the creation of seam and joint-free seals. Sealing slurry for outdoor and indoor use.

Color: Grey
Bag = 18 kg, 48 bags/pallete = 864 kg
Consumption: 1.5 kg /m2 /1mm
Water consumption:
– for trowelling = 5.85 l/bag
– for coating = 6.75 l/bag

Thickness: 2 mm
Tiling: after 24 hrs
Workability: 60 minutes
Drying time: after the first application about 2 hrs

Application: Jointless insulation directly under the ceramic tiles on balconies, terraces, in swimming pools, bathrooms, etc.In addition to conventional substrates it is also suitable forsubstrates such as metal sheet, wood, particle board, or plastic.

Advantages: Waterproof, single-component, flexible.