Elastic Joint S-T1

One-component sealing joint-cutting putty, based on water polymere dispersion. It hardens through water evaporation, makes permanently strong, plastic-elastic connection. It corresponds to the requirements of construction putties of type F, for class 12,5 E according ISO 11 600.

Color: White
Packaging: 12kg, 45kg
Base: acrylate emulsion
Consistency: thixotropic paste Density: 1.3 – 1.35 g/cmł
Thermal endurance:  -20 °C/ +100 °C (after hardening)
Thermal resistance: +5°C (during transport musn´t freeze)
Thermal range of application: +5°C / +30°C
Time of skinning: 15 min (at 20°C / 50% humidity)
Time of total hardening: 1-2 weeks

Application: For grouting of prefabricated buildings and claddings. Joint width min. 5 mm, max. 40 mm. External and internal sealing joints in wall and ceiling structures, sealing of connection joints between concrete and metal frames, stairs, masonry, etc.

Advantages: Freezeproof, resistant to moisture, water and weather, to recoat with acrylic and dispersion paints, high adhesion to a variety of building materials.