Top Contact

Adhesive and reinforcement mortar for bonding of Facade polystyrene plates EPS and XPS as well as the implementation of reinforcing layer with the FibreglassMesh. It is also suitable for trowelling plaster and concrete surfaces.

Bag = 25 kg 54 bags/pallet = 1.350 kg
Water demand app.: 6.5 l/bag
Consumption: app. 3.5 kg/m2 (bonding) app. 4.0 kg/m2 (filling)

Product: Factory prepared mineral based, dry powder contact mortar. Suitable for manual and machine application. A system component for the External Wall Insulation Systems EPS and XPS. 

Properties: High bonding strength, water resistant and good workability.

Application: Multi-purpose contact mortar: As an adhesive for bonding facade and perimeter insulation boards. As a thin layer basecoat mortar (with reinforcing mesh) onto insulation boards and selected render carrier boards.

Advantages: High quality glue, which forms the heart of the system and can handle more demanding applications. Particularly simple application system, safety, long life.